Forgive Me, I Love You are five words of grace that we need to live a joy and peaceable life and to make it to heaven when Jesus Christ returns. It seems those five words are difficult for people to say to one another. Instead, we'd rather hold a grudge and separate ourselves from others. Unfortunately, this is how we miss out on learning about each other, learning about our self, spending time with one another, and just staying stuck in time. In addition, we should not live life walking around hurting others and not going back to repent. It is possible to stop and think about those people you hurt and damaged. Humble yourself, let God mean more to you than your feelings, and make a conscious decision to ask for forgiveness. You cannot move forward as a person as well as flourish in whom God created you to be because God is not a stuck God. He is a forgiving God, a loving God because He is Love. A person can hurt you over and over, and guess what, you must forgive them over and over if you want to see Jesus Christ when you die or when He returns. You must not let your feelings be more important than the truth. The Bible says that you are free indeed once you know the truth. Get to know the truth, and the truth is Jesus Christ. He is longing for a relationship with you. The hurt that you feel-the abuse and trauma that you've experienced-should be turned into a testimony about overcoming. It should be used to motivate you to move forward from that horrific experience. You are not defined and valued by your bad experiences. I hope my testimonies have prompted you to forgive and love the Lord, others, and yourself. You deserve to walk in the promises of God and in His plans and purpose for your life; and that's through forgiveness and love.

Forgive Me, I Love You ~ Those Five Words of Grace

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    Publication date: 11/16/2020
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