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Motherhood Monday

Live discussions to help moms thrive in motherhood

Mother and Daughter


Motherhood is an important topic - we are the ones in addition to their father, that give our children the firm foundation they need. While we explore methods of parenting, we focuis in on how we can improve as mom and shape our motherhood - how to enjoy alone time, how to successfully manage your career and you home, and how to replenish yourself spiritually.

During these informal group discussions mothers initiate topics close to their heart, give testimonials of how they overcame difficult situations as a mother - whether current or in their past, and share fun ideas for the family or even lovely experiences as a mom. At the close of each session, we love to hear from the mothers and express their take-away upon the closing of the session & how Motherhood Monday was effective and impactful to them.

Mother and Daughter
Brother's Kiss

How to Attend

All you need is Wi-Fi and a phone! Motherhood Monday is hosted live on Facebook or right here on our website via video conferencing. 

Once you RSVP we will send you the event details!

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